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Our Head Physician Grace Liu attained her Bachelor Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, jointly conduct with Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. Specialize on Chinese Chiropractic from the famous Long's Chiropractic School.

Self-Invented the 3 in 1 TCM Stiff Neck

Acupuncture, Chinese Chiropractic

& Acupoint Massage

Treatment Program. This Express Service will help to mitigate your pain suffered from your prolong period of using handphone, computer and other root cause. She also have ample experiences in soothing other problems such as back pain, frozen shoulder and acute headache.

She is also an expertise on treating common conditions such as cough, insomnia, constipation, inflammation and anxiety disorder.


Gynecological disorder, prenatal and postnatal, slimming and beauty advice for women were also available.

You will be evaluated during the consultation, treatment will be fully customized to individual needs. We assured you the exclusiveness you will receive.

Head Physician

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